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Managed server hosting like no other

Get the highest levels of performance and meet strict control and compliance requirements with managed dedicated servers hosted in a custom architecture. Whether you’re powering a high-traffic website, a legacy application, or a large ecommerce store, we’ll work with you to achieve the performance and uptime your business depends on.

Beyond dedicated hosting from data centers located in many parts of the world, you get:

  • Management and monitoring of your server

  • Access to consultants to help you map out future solutions

  • Network security techs available 24/7/365

  • Freedom from typically hidden server hosting bandwidth fees—only outgoing bandwidth is measured and your first 2TB each month is free

And you'll benefit from our years of experience planning, deploying, and managing server, storage, and network configurations for all kinds of companies and applications.

Managed Hosting solutions

We build your single-tenant environment using your preferred combination of fully managed dedicated and virtualized servers. Access to our experienced support specialists is always included—no matter what you choose.

Managed Dedicated Servers
When security and consistent performance are your top priorities, dedicated infrastructure is a great solution — and sometimes you need it fast. Choose from a portfolio of Customizable Dedicated Servers and standard, and Rapid Deployment Servers.
  • Our Dedicated Servers include a hardware firewall, monitoring, backups, and our Managed Service Level
  • For fast provisioning, choose a solution with Rapid Deployment Servers—we’ll get you up and running in less than a day. 
  • Customize your servers, storage, and networking to meet your specific requirements 
  • Deploy load-balanced and clustered solutions for high availability
  • Get up to 1.5TB of RAM and 32 processor cores per server 
  • Access your dedicated support team 24x7x365
Private Cloud

Maximize resource utilization and TCO. Get the benefits of the cloud — like flexible compute, easy scaling, and availability — combined with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment. Our expertise spans three private cloud technology stacks:

  • Rackspace Private Cloud powered byVMware vCloud®
  • Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Microsoft® Cloud Platform
  • Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack
  • We architect and manage it for you
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